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Med Law Advisory Partners

Founded by Alicia Davis, RN, LNCC, Med Law Advisory Partners (formerly ALN Consulting) provides resources and expertise in the areas of health care litigation and health systems improvement. Now more than ever, healthcare facilities and practices face unrelenting challenges – a burdensome regulatory environment, COVID-19 preparedness, quality and safety performance, complex legal issues, patient safety outcomes, and broader health care systems failures. Med Law provides the clinical expertise necessary to mitigate risk, manage medical-legal claims, and advise executives toward long-term operational enhancements. For nearly 20 years, we’ve had the privilege of working with national and regional healthcare systems, hospitals, government entities, plaintiff and defense firms, insurers, and senior-living operators.

Med Law Advisory Partner’s team provides medical-legal case investigation and consultation using data-driven processes, standards of care, and clinical judgment. Our services enable our clients to stop wasting time and resources on expensive medical record “summaries” that, in the end, do not help inform litigation strategy. The data and trends identified through our systematic reviews also provide a wealth of intelligence into an organization’s clinical operations – including systems vulnerabilities. Med Law can guide healthcare leaders toward long-term operational enhancements through a strategic, upstream approach that integrates insights with their quality and patient safety agenda.


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The longer a medical-legal issue continues, the more costly it becomes. Med Law Advisory Partners’ diverse experience and comprehensive reporting helps our clients identify pitfalls that could dramatically alter the outcome of a case and achieve favorable resolutions in a far more timely fashion. We have a broad range of specialization including support in the areas of medical malpractice and long-term care litigation management, safe opioid prescribing, and COVID-19 claims assessment.

Decades of clinical experience are essential in the evaluation of matters involving potential health care system failures. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each issue from a systemic standpoint, we help our clients develop both tactical and strategic solutions to mitigate malpractice risk and improve patient outcomes. Med-Law provides strategic, proactive consulting to executives through data-driven clinical systems improvement.

Alicia Davis

Alicia Davis
President & CEO

"Med-Law’s work is sensational. We just settled a complex personal injury matter – for a really low amount, thanks in no small part to the Med-Law team!"

J. Brooks, Claims Attorney, National Insurance Carrier

Med Law Advisory Partners

J. Brooks, Claims Attorney, National Insurance Carrier

"Med-Law’s work is sensational. We just settled a complex personal injury matter – for a really low amount, thanks in no small part to the Med-Law team!"
Med Law Advisory Partners

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