ALN Team Spotlight | Molly Kennedy

We’d like to introduce you to Molly Kennedy, a member of the ALN Consulting team. Michele has over 20 years of nursing and legal nurse consulting experience covering pediatric care.

Molly’s nursing career started soon after she received her MSN. She became a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. Her early nursing career included cardio-thoracic step-down and emergency department units at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Here, we discovered her passion for caring for the “little guys”.  For the next 20 years Molly would been practice as a PNP at a private pediatric practice in Cleveland.

In 2008, ventured into the LNC world. Over the next few years, she would build an independent practice, Kennedy Medical Legal Consulting, LLC. Specializing in pediatric care, she provided expert pediatric consulting for area attorneys. She joined the ALN team in 2013. She also serves as the President of the AALNC Cleveland Chapter.

Her vast experience as an LNC, and leadership makes her an invaluable asset to the ALN team. Molly is always willing to help with research of pediatric care and share her knowledge!