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About Med Law Advisory Partners

Med Law Advisory Partners is a leading national provider of medical-legal consulting services, founded in 2002. For 22 years, the Med Law team has been led by licensed nurse and legal nurse consultant Alicia Davis. Our mission is to provide the necessary resources and expertise to ensure the delivery of ‘good medicine’. Med Law Advisory Partners has a breadth of knowledge stemming from our vast and varied clinical experience. As consulting experts, we work with both health care systems and plaintiff and defense firms to ensure positive outcomes in medical-legal matters.

What Our Clients Say

“Med Law is a pivotal part of my litigation plan.  Their expert review of the medical records and insightful analysis is invaluable to me.”

Bob F., Staff Litigation Counsel

“Med Law Advisory helped us craft our damages argument in an arbitration we were successful in defending in 2021.  They created pain charts we were able to use to cross-examine the plaintiff to show effectively that her pain and mobility did not change from before to after the injury.  The cross-examination and damages arguments were precise, effective and persuasive thanks to our partnership with Med Law Advisory.”

C. Crider, Chair of Healthcare Litigation, Defense Attorney

“Med Law’s reports are of the highest quality and exactly what I need to aggressively manage risk in potential claims. Their in-depth clinical analysis helps tee up our outside counsel, allowing them to stay focused on the legal aspects of the matter—which helps me better manage litigation expenses.”

P. Smith, Legal Services Manager, Transitional and Skilled Nursing Care Centers

Alicia Davis, RN, LNCC
President & CEO

Alicia is the Founder and CEO of Med Law Advisory Partners, which provides a spectrum of medical-legal support services focused in the areas of healthcare and regulatory law. In 2002, Alicia founded ALN Consulting after a 15-year career in nursing. In 2020, Alicia merged ALN Consulting with her safe opioid prescribing venture, Med Law Advisory Partners, under the MedLaw name.

How We Help

Med Law Advisory Partners provides streamlined records review, informed opinions on standard of care, and consulting expert services in medical-legal cases.


Medical Record Review

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can be difficult to interpret when focusing on the chronological order of medical events, particularly for the non-clinician. Legal nurse consultants help condense the record into a simple and logical chronology to better understand what happened, what should have happened and guide our clients toward next right steps.

Standard of Care

Standard of Care

Med Law Advisory Partners brings extensive clinical experience to each matter, helping our clients pinpoint the standard of care that applies to their case. We rely on our breadth and depth of knowledge when sorting through the various practice acts, regulatory sources, and scientific literature to find the most current and applicable standards for each individual case and set of circumstances.

Consulting Experts

Consulting Experts

As consulting experts, legal nurse consultants have influence within the medical field and their opinion is highly regarded in legal cases. Nurse consultants are often hired to explain complex medical pathology or judge the standard of care during a trial. We also find and utilize additional expert witnesses appropriate for specialized cases, saving time and money in legal proceedings.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Hiring Med Law Advisory Partners can lead to more favorable outcomes in any clinical matter. Using a specific methodology, we review medical records, create chronologies for extensive charts and records, provide medical research, and research the standard of care in a variety of disciplines. Our years of expertise allow us to handle our cases efficiently and comprehensively, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

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