Nursing Home Litigation Investigation and Case Preparation

Post-acute care litigation is one of the fastest-growing areas of healthcare claims. The Med Law Advisory team has worked with plaintiff and defense counsel and owners/operators of senior-living care facilities for nearly 20 years, helping mitigate risk and manage claims. Med Law consultants have extensive expertise working in direct patient care and administration in long-term care facilities, contributing an unparalleled depth of knowledge of issues and guidelines unique to post-acute care claims. Through in-depth medical records analysis and collaboration with our clients, our team identifies critical factors to help defend or support allegations of negligence or malpractice in regards to nursing home litigation investigation and case preparation.

COVID-19 Resources

Our post-acute care partners have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Med Law Advisory Partners is expanding our resources to help support our clients where they need us most.



Basic care principles and facility policies and procedures are often called into question in post-acute care litigation, meaning all relevant records must be examined thoroughly to determine strengths and weaknesses.



Clinical expertise is critical in evaluating medically-related claims. While legal teams may lack clinical knowledge, Med Law legal nurse consultants are able to review voluminous records from both the healthcare and legal perspective to help determine the validity of the claim.



Long-term care cases demand rigorous analysis of the standard of care and the basis for the claim. The clinical and legal acumen of the Med Law consultants helps effectively guide our clients in formulating the best strategy.



Once in-depth analysis is complete, the Med Law team works to create data-driven reports that help inform the direction of litigation and enable swift resolution of long-term care claims.

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