Get to Know Legal Nurse Consultant: Katherine Moran

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Name, title, city you are based in:

Katherine Moran, JD RN LNCC, Chicago IL

What is your role at Med Law Advisory Partners?

Legal Nurse Consultant

What did you do before working for Med Law Advisory Partners?

I am a consultant so I have worked with various firms in the past.

Why do you do this type of work? Do you have a specific area of expertise that you are the most fond of?

I am most fond of pediatric med mal. I used to be a peds inpatient nurse. I like to think that our work helps to identify gaps in care and promote safety changes in the healthcare setting.

In your opinion, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Hopefully our work funnels its way through to risk management and affects positive outcomes at the bedside.

Tell us about a time you had to overcome a challenge or obstacle within being a legal nurse consultant – how did you overcome this/what did you learn?

When I was first starting out and had no experience, I found a nurse that was willing to give me a chance. I had no formal training at all and had just left bedside nursing. It was a challenging time learning the industry and getting comfortable communicating with clients. But it’s been very rewarding.

What is something in the healthcare industry that comes to mind that you would like to see improved or changed?

Better preventative care.

What are you most likely up to when you are off-the-clock?

Chasing my boys, cooking, needlepoint, exercising, and planning our next family vacation.

What is some advice you would give to nurses looking to pursue a career in legal nurse consulting?

Don’t give up! You will likely get a few No’s before someone will give you a chance.

Interesting fact about yourself:

My parents and 3 sisters are also lawyers.


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